Senior Dog Walking and Care

Most senior dogs still have a lot of zest in them. Let me carefully help bring that out! Having worked with many senior dogs in the past, I understand the patience and understanding of what they require. Short walks, enrichment, light play, diet, dealing with separation anxiety, massage, extra TLC - these are all things I can help with.  
My walks will be combined with extra attention based on your dogs needs to get your dog acting like a pup again!

Active/Reactive Dog Walking

There is no bad dog. Every dog has different traits, and its a matter of understanding what your dog requires and needs coupled with proper training and attention to get him to play well with others. The key is patience, positive reinforcement and enrichment. Having worked with reactive dogs and hands on with Tigers, I can assure you - your dog will be a walk in the park!

Cats and Others

Cats need enrichment and company too! Whether your going away on a short trip or would just like your cat to have some TLC - I'm just down the street.  I will drop in to say hello, groom, play, clean litter, feed, water or whatever you need! All pets (and plants) welcome!



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